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uThrive’s mission is to provide tutoring solutions to our students and families with subject matter experts who embrace a style of encouragement. The result is that our students feel empowered to do well in school and in life.

Our tutors are currently enrolled at elite and top tier universities and are compensated at the highest level. uThrive tutors gain a greater sense of connection to our local community by establishing strong relationships with students and families. Parents are able to have the convenience and confidence that their children are being tutored by knowledge experts who also serve as role models.

All of our current tutors are enrolled as Bachelors, Masters and PhD students at Stanford University.

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  • Students

    Students have access to tutors from elite and top-tier universities in a variety of subjects and test preparation solutions.

  • Parents

    Parents have the convenience of tutors coming to students and confidence that tutors are subject matter experts and strong role models for their students.

  • Tutors

    Tutors receive the highest compensation in the industry and can work as much or as little as their schedule permits.


"uThriveTutor was amazing! They got through all of Z’s chemistry this weekend. He knew the material, was a good teacher, and has a great attitude, calm and positive. Z loved him! Thanks so much for finding him and sending him our way!" - M.S.

Thank you again for sending uThriveTutor our way-- what perfect timing that you started this company - when we needed it most. - M.S.

uThriveTutor was a great fit with the girls last night. K walked out of our den and said "I finally understand what my test is about tomorrow..." LOL. They are looking forward to working with him weekly. - L.H.

“uThriveTutor saved his life!!!!!! Your timing for this company is amazing. We would have been scr_____d. - S.S.

The sessions with uThriveTutor yesterday went very well. He is definitely challenging them - which is great. They both really enjoyed it. We would love to do it next Saturday as well. - M.A.

My session with uThriveTutor was great! She was so helpful and really taught me a lot and helped me work through everything I didn't understand. She mentioned she could do Skype sessions if I need help before a test as needed! Thank you again and I'll definitely be in touch! - A.P.

"uThriveTutor is darling, delightful and dedicated. She’s a gem She has a real connection with M." - D.R.

"uThriveTutor has been amazing. He gave me his availability for the next 4 days until he leaves for Thanksgiving break. (So proactive!)" - M.S.

"I want to let you know that we have been having a great experience so far with uThriveTutor and uThrive. Our first session with uThriveTutor was great. He was great with the kids and the best part was that it inspired a family homework session. uThriveTutor was working with A in the family room and J joined them there in case she had a question. A saw his older siblings doing their homework so he asked me to give him some homework to do and I was on my laptop doing my own work. Mom walked in and thought it was so nice to see us all doing our work in one room together instead of everyone in their own rooms. It was a nice family bonding session over homework that uThrive inspired!" - N.A.

Tutoring Community

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Tutoring Services

Math – Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Calc AB/BC, Statistics
Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics (including AP)
Computer Science (including AP)
English & Literature (including AP)
Test Prep for Standardized Tests – SAT / ACT

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Achieve exceptional results on the ACT by learning from the best and the brightest!

  • The Best - Christina Van Aken

    Christina Van Aken is a local expert in collegiate test prep with over 20 years of experience. She taught SAT/ACT preparation courses including Stanford University’s Stanford High School Summer College. She holds a Bachelors in Health and Development Psychology from Stanford and a Masters in Cognition, Brain and Behavior Psychology from UC Berkeley.

  • The Brightest - Stanford Students

    Our teaching assistants are currently enrolled at Stanford University as Bachelors, Masters, or PhD students studying Mathematics and Computational Science, Computer Science, Human Biology, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and English Literature.

With Christina’s help and insight, I was able to achieve a perfect score on the ACT.
-JC, a current student at Brown University

Christina Van Aken has thoughtfully developed and structured the curriculum based on her extensive knowledge of the ACT test and the cognitive science of learning.

The six-week course includes:
  • Overview of ACT test
  • Deep dives into Grammar, Math, Reading, Science, and Essay Writing
  • In-depth test taking strategies
  • Practice tests in class and at home
  • 18 hours of instruction including six hours of individual instruction
  • Personalized plan for improvement

Cost: $1,299

Includes: 18 hours of instruction and all materials.

Over 60% Discount compared to one-on-one pricing -- The uThrive course contains the same course instruction and materials Christina Van Aken uses in her one-on-one ACT tutoring sessions, but at a greater than 60% discount from her one-on-one pricing.

In order to secure your spot in the upcoming ACT Prep Course, a $200 deposit is required. The remaining balance will be 30 days prior to the course. An invoice will be sent to you. If you cancel your spot 30 days prior to the class, your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel your spot within 30 days of the class, your deposit will not be refunded.

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  • Session 2 Dates

    August 26th
    September 9th
    September 16th
    September 23rd
    September 30th
    October 7th

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